The Ultimate Guide To Alcohol Interlock Device Installers

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For many drivers in Victoria, introducing the alcohol interlock device is a significant change. Whether the courts have mandated you or you’re considering installing one voluntarily for safety reasons, it’s essential to understand the purpose, benefits, and how to choose the best interlock device installers in Victoria.

What is an Alcohol Interlock Device?

The alcohol interlock device is a breath-testing apparatus linked to a vehicle’s ignition. To start the car, the driver must blow into the device. If the detected alcohol level exceeds the present limit, the vehicle won’t start. In Victoria, these devices are primarily intended to prevent individuals with a history of drink-driving from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Why are they mandated in Victoria?

Victoria takes drink-driving very seriously and for a good reason. Driving under the influence jeopardizes the driver’s life and poses a risk to other road users. As a result, those convicted of severe drink-driving or repeat offences may be mandated to install an alcohol interlock device in their vehicles. This is a constant reminder of their obligation to drive responsibly and a deterrent against re-offending.

Choosing the Right interlock device installers Victoria

With the rise in the number of drivers required to have these devices installed, there’s also been an increase in alcohol interlock Victoria service providers. However, it’s crucial to pick the right one.

When choosing interlock device installers, Victoria residents should consider the following:

  1. Certification: Ensure the service provider is certified to install alcohol interlock devices in Victoria. Certification means the installer adheres to the state’s guidelines, ensuring your device functions correctly and complies with legal requirements.
  2. Experience: Like any service, experience can determine the quality of work. Opt for installers with a track record of installing these devices.
  3. Customer Service: The installer must offer excellent customer service. You’ll need guidance on using the device, understanding the results, and what to do if you face any challenges.
  4. Pricing: While you shouldn’t compromise on quality, it’s worth shopping for a competitive rate for your alcohol interlock Victoria

Benefits of Alcohol Interlock Devices

Besides being a legal mandate for some, the devices come with a range of benefits:

  • Safety: The primary benefit is the assurance that a driver with a history of drink-driving cannot start their car while over the alcohol limit.
  • Accountability: For those on a journey of recovery from alcoholism, the device serves as an added layer of accountability.
  • Rehabilitation: It assists drivers in developing responsible habits, reducing re-offending risk.
  • Peace of Mind: For the friends and families of those with drink-driving issues, knowing their loved one can’t drive while intoxicated can bring immense peace of mind.


Introducing an alcohol interlock device might seem inconvenient, its benefits for the driver and the broader community are invaluable. It’s essential in Victoria’s approach to ensuring its roads are as safe as possible. Remember, Victoria has several options when searching for interlock device installers, so make sure you pick a reputable and certified installer for the best experience.

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